In Conversation: 5 minutes with Mikhael Kale

PULP What is your inspiration for your FW15 collection?

MIKHAEL KALE It was the monologue that I played at the beginning.  It’s a producer by the name of Giorgio Moroder who has worked with artists like Donna Summer. He’s like 76, and still at it. He just produced Daft Punk’s album with them hand in hand. He’s really someone who’s cultivated and references the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and brings it to the future. So I thought it was amazing and grew from that.

PULP If you could collaborate with any retailer, shoe or accessory brand, who would it be and why?

MIKHAEL KALE Oh gosh, I don’t know! That’s a really tough question; I love so many people. You know, I’ve actually collaborated with Juliana so many times and I have to say she’s probably one of the most creative people in this country. She really is. I am a huge fan of PULP and what you guys do. It’s phenomenal. But there are a lot of people though, I wouldn’t care!

PULP Which celebrity would you want to see wearing your latest collection?

MIKHAEL KALE  You know I’m really lucky; I’ve had a lot of celebrities. I love working with Beyoncé. I’ve worked with her many times. I’m drawn to anyone whose putting themselves out there, are working really hard and building something that’s new and interesting and relevant.  Who else would I work with celebrity wise? Rihanna, I love Rihanna. She’s Amazing.

PULP What is your pre-show ritual?

MIKHAEL KALE  Work. Literally working up until the show.

PULP How do you feel after the show? Do you take time to reflect or do you get straight to working on the next collection?

MIKHAEL KALE  Because I’m still a developing directional label, you do everything. So you don’t really get any time to rest. Tomorrow I have to take the collection to my showroom in New York and have press appointments there, production and then the new line. It just doesn’t stop!

Photos by Brent Goldsmith