Gatineau Beauty

Turtle neck, Diesel. Earrings, Cuchara


Sophie Touchet sets the catwalk ablaze. 20 years old with a fresh new modeling career, she was sent to New York Fashion Week and nailed more than 40 shows for the Fall 2014 collections, including such names as Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Lanvin and Marni. We had a little chat with this super cute French-Canadian about her first season, check it out:

PULP: How did you start modeling?

Sophie:  I was scouted and then I was signed in January with Chantale Nadeau, my mother agency now. It was all really fast and I’m having to learn everything. My first casting was with Grace Coddington and I didn’t know her at all. I didn’t even know I had to do castings, I was that bad! But I’m getting better now..

P: What do you miss most of your hometown when you travel?

ST: Now I enjoy being alone more than before, I think I got used to it. I miss my friends and family and I would love to have this job in a city where I could see them everyday. For example, I have model friends that live in New York and their families are in the city, so it makes it a lot easier for them.


P: You were studying photography while still in school. Is fashion photography something you would like to pursue as you model or after? Do you have any favorite photographers?

ST: I don’t know yet, I’m just letting things happen for now, I’m focusing on my modeling career and if something comes up I’ll be happy. I’m still learning a lot, I just started doing editorials after fashion week, so I don’t have a favorite photographer yet, I’m still getting to know them.

P. How does it feel to be on top newcomers list on your first season?

ST: Well, during Fashion Week everybody was telling me that things were going really well, but since it was my first season I didn’t have any other experiences to compare with. So when I saw my name there it kind of assured that I was actually doing very well. It made me realize how great this was, and it made me very happy!