On the eve of Off the Hook’s big Vans – OTH Second Anniversary party, at L’Astral in Montreal, co-owner Angelo Destounis takes a moment to talk with PULP about the boutique’s success, on point offerings and all things fresh.

PULP: For those who aren’t familiar with OTH can you tell us a bit about the brand/boutique and what you guys are all about?

AD: We are a 14-year-old shop based out of Montreal, Canada, with a very progressive taste, ranging from streetwear, casual and heritage to fashion brands. We love to travel and draw inspiration from other cities. Our collective also shares a similar passion for food, music and sport, making it easy for all of us to get along.

PULP: What products and brands do you carry?

AD: We carry clothing and accessories for both men and women, as well as a unique selection of footwear, including exclusive Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Puma and Asics releases. We proudly carry Carhartt WIP, Arc’teryx, Levi’s Made & Crafted, Lifetime, Penfield, Reigning Champ, Garbstore, and Wood Wood just to name a few. We are also excited to introduce Yuketen, Uniform Wares and Miansai as of Fall13.

PULP: Who is the ‘typical’ OTH customer and has this changed over the past two years?

AD: Our customer is loyal, well travelled, well educated, Internet savvy, loves life, loves to party, and above all, open minded. That being said, we are all “good kids” working here so we attract quality people. Our customers don’t change – they evolve. We are happy to cater to an age group that ranges roughly between 16 and 45!

PULP: What are the best and worst aspects of working with family?

AD: Good question, my partner Harry is also my first cousin. The best aspect is that you can always trust a family member. I would say the worst aspect could be that some disagreements may carry over, but as the years go by, you grow, you mature, and you learn to deal with them on the spot. It has been a blessing thus far.

PULP: Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary with Vans! What are your hopes moving forward with the brand?

AD: We have an amazing relationship with Vans in California, and this partnership store is just the beginning. Besides them being the coolest company to work with, hands down, they are also very in-tune, very creative and super open to new ideas. We have a secret collaboration shoe dropping this holiday 2013, and more to come as of next spring, including a clothing collection for our double label Vans/OTH. We are so stoked about everything that’s in store for the future of this relationship.

PULP: What can lucky guests expect from the party tonight at L’Astral?

AD: We are sold out and at maximum capacity. It’s going to be a zoo in there – nobody parties like we do.

What’s the next big thing that’s ‘off the hook’?

AD: Lunice, Ringleaders FC, Run Specs, New England Outerwear, IMFC, Adelphos crew for life, and our magazine dropping Fall 2013.