5 minutes with Grammy Award Winner MIGUEL
PULP Your music has an utopian blend of commercial and creative, a really good balance of both.  How did you get to that?
MIGUEL Well, thank you. I think it had so much to do with studying the greatest pop music I guess, growing up around The Beatles time, they had a knack for making ‘commercially friendly’ music without sacrificing any creativity.  My favourite artists knew how to do that. They always were true to their sensibilities but they also knew that they wanted a broader audience, and somehow they found the way.
PULP The ones that stand the test of time truly have found that balance, and you found it you think?
MIGUEL I mean, I’m working at it, I’m chipping away.  Some songs, you know, I guess I get lucky and they kind of write themselves.  It’s a process.
PULP Your music has a very addictive quality and your songs have many layers, where every time you listen it feels like there’s something new. What would you say is the key to these qualities?
MIGUEL It begins with love for your music.  And I think making everything very deliberate goes a long way. Even making something minimal, when it’s done deliberately and for a reason, there’s something intrinsic and there’s something that transcends reason, you know what I mean?  And that’s where emotion in music really exists.  Sometimes I don’t even understand the reason why, I just know that it feels right.  That’s the way the best music feels like.
PULP Your style and image has evolved a lot from your last album.  Do you decide your own look? And how do you approach your style?
MIGUEL I mean, how does it feel? I don’t think I’ve ever been as at home in my own skin, and to take it a step further, how I choose to present myself aesthetically is truly an extension of my perspective.  You know, I guess being more comfortable in trusting my instincts has really made it’s way into this part of my creative expression.  As I grow as a human being, even as I take more risks and try new things, I think it will feel very normal and very natural.
PULP That’s the key to great style.
MIGUEL Absolutely.
PULP Individuality is important to style and music, do you agree?
MIGUEL Individuality is a kind of a tricky thing, you know?  Because it suggests that everything is very much you when in reality I think life is more about picking and choosing.  Even if you see something that you like but that’s not your own idea, figuring out what about it and why it resonates with you and making it your own.  I think that’s the key to life; it’s figuring out what really fits you and what you really believe in, you know?  Picking and choosing.  It’s all about choices.
PULP Thanks Miguel, and congratulations on your 5 Grammy Nominations!  You truly deserve it.
MIGUEL Thanks so much. Thanks for listening. I appreciate that. That’s love!
(After our interview, Miguel’s single ‘Adorn’ won Best R&B Song at The Grammy Awards 2013)